PCZero.Net web hosting is provided on up to the date servers with ultra-high speed connections to ensure the best possible platform for your web presence. Our servers test at over 145 Mbps download speed which will provide even the most media intensive web sites smooth and clean operation no matter the server load. Our servers are located in data centers across the country and are staffed 24/7/365.
Physical, operational, and network security at the data centers is maintained with multiple, overlapping layers of protection. In addition we there is triple redundancy for both power and network connectivity on all of our servers. Our servers themselves are constantly monitored and tested so that any potential hardware issues are identified and addressed before they manifest themselves into server failure. Remote access to the servers is limited by physical and software firewalls and additional restrictions to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain entry.
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There are several important elements to a good web site design. The most important of these by far is to create a web site that is targeted to the core demographics of the client. Far too many designers think it is their job to dazzle and wow a client with all of the programming tricks and skills they know. While it is essential for a designer to know as many different design methodologies, it is not essential that he use all of those skills in every site he designs. A site that has all sorts of sound, animations, elaborate graphics, and multimedia may be a very impressive site, but if it does not convey the client's content in a manner that their target audience is comfortable with, the site is useless. Listening to the client and learning about their needs in a web presence is vital. At PCZero.net we take the time to learn everything we can about our clients before we even start building a concept for their web site.
No matter how complex or simple a web site is, that site must be intuitive. When a prospective customer visits a web site, they want to get in, find what they need, and move on. Studies have shown that if a visitor to your site cannot find what they are looking for in 10-15 seconds they will go elsewhere. A well designed web site will be very clear in presentation and layout. At PCZero.Net we follow a common standard of layout and design that ensures ease of navigation on all of our projects.
The web design team at PCZero.Net is meticulous in their attention to detail. All of our code is tested to ensure full compliance with all standards. This ensures that your web site will look good on all platforms for all visitors. In addition, we optimize all of our projects for best possible placement in all of the major search engines and we take proactive steps to ensure that your site will get the maximum exposure across social media sites such as facebook.
We encourage you to contact us to discuss having PCZero.Net design and host your new your web site. Quotes are free and come with no obligation what so ever. Our team is ready to help you today!
PCZero.Net keeps web hosting simple. When you host with us, you get unlimited everything at no additional cost. Whether you need one or one thousand email accounts, we have you covered. Mailing lists, not a problem, set up as many as you need. Databases, shopping carts, image galleries, polls, forums, stats, logs, security... You name it and you get it when you host at PCZero.Net.
cPanel, a control panel software package designed to make maintaining your web site quick and easy, is installed on all of our servers. In addition, fantastic/f3 is available to all of our web hosting clients enabling them to easily install and maintain over 500 additional software features such as blogs, calendars, chat, customer support, forums, image galleries, portals/CMS, and much more!
Lastly, we offer a great feature for clients providing digital sales and instant downloads. Our system allows clients to sell their digital content with zero commissions what so ever. That's right, you pay us nothing! Unlike some of the major digital content providers, we do not charge a penny on the sale of your content. The only fees our clients incur are from their payment processor.
We encourage you to contact us today to find out more. One of our representatives will contact you to start you on the way to your new web site!
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