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SITE DESIGN: A properly designed web site is not one that uses all the latest and greatest bells and whistles, it is one that fits the needs of you and your business without adding unnecessary fluff, glitz, clutter, and cost. As site designers our job is to listen to you and learn what you need in a web site, then design and build a site that gives you everything you need by building a high quality web site at a fair and reasonable price. We won't ever sell you on products, services, or a web site that you do not need.
Attention to detail is the hallmark of a professionally designed web site. We take the time to hand code every site we create to get the cleanest and fastest site possible. All of our code is validated to W3C standards to ensure maximum compatibility across all platforms.
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SEO: What good is any web site if your customers cannot find it? It is imperative that people shopping for your products and serves can locate your web site among the jungle of the internet. At PCZero.Net we design all of our web sites to maximize targeting your potential customers. No one can promise that you will be the #1 listed site in any search engine, but with proper Search Engine Optimization procedures, we will ensure that you get the highest listing possible and reach widest spectrum of new customers as quickly as possible. During our initial consultation, we will discuss this process with you to ensure your site is properly optimized for the best possible reach.
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HOSTING: PCZero.Net web hosting is provided on up to the date servers with ultra-high speed connections to ensure the best possible platform for your web presence. Our servers operate at speeds which will provide rapid data flow for even the most media intensive web sites and smooth clean operation no matter the server load. The servers are located in data centers across the country and are staffed 24/7/365.
Physical, operational, and network security at the data centers is maintained with multiple, overlapping layers of protection. In addition there is triple redundancy for both power and network connectivity on all of our servers. The servers themselves are constantly monitored and tested so that any potential hardware issues are identified and addressed before they manifest themselves into server failure. Remote access to the servers is limited by physical and software firewalls and additional restrictions to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain entry.
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