PCZero.Net - Remembering Our Friend Chad Pender

In July 2010 a very dear friend, Chad Pender, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuro-endocrine cancer. At the time it had metastasized to his liver, both lungs, and a spot on his spine. Chad went through almost fourteen months of dealing with this disease. He had some good days and some not so good days. With the love and support of his friends and family, Chad took things day-by-day, teaching us all what courage and strength were really all about.
Chad Pender
Chad loved music. He played drums and beamed with life whenever he was sitting behind his kit. Chad's taste in music ranged from hard rock and metal to country. Listening to music and going to see his favorite bands play live were especially happy times for him. When he was at a concert, the smile that was always on his face got even bigger.
Chad was also a very good images artist. When we at PCZero.Net had images work that we just could not get right, we could always turn to Chad to get the job done. When his help was needed, Chad would take on tasks of designing the images until they were absolutely perfect. The work he delivered to us was amazing and always exceeded our greatest expectations. His attention to detail even got approval from the Marines we have on staff.
On September 2nd, 2011, Chad's time here on Earth ended and he continued his life on the next level. Many people have been touched deeply by Chad and will miss him immensely. There may have been people in life who were as positive and totally genuine as Chad, but there never has been anyone more so. Chad, we will always remember you. We will remember you as a great friend and an amazing person. While we are all very sad that you are gone, we are just as much very happy that God chose to send you to us for the time we had together. We all pray that you are at peace and at least as happy in your current life as you were when you were here with us.
Chad Pender
Chad, we all love you brother.
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Henrico, VA 23242